Landscape-link for Begur

February 2021

The building for the new facilities and parking at the Font de Baix is adapted to the natural geography of the site, forming a topography that links the historic centre of Begur with its landscape. The roofs of the building become a large public square with views of the Empordà and all these facilities are peacefully integrated into its surroundings.

We win the Bellpuig Institute contest

December 2021

The extension of this Institute is completed with the reorganisation of the leisure areas in a sustainable action in which demolition is minimised.

Hotel and equipment in Switzerland

February 2020

The New Buildings link the civic axis of Bellevue to the public access to Lake Geneva. Both the interior spaces and the surrounding open spaces will enjoy the splendid views offered by their situation. The location of the buildings allows the existing large tree-lined areas to be preserved and the façades are designed to blend into this landscaped environment and to blur their presence from the lake.

Singular housing with views of Barcelona

October 2019

The works of this housing project of two volumes have been completed. With access from Mare de Déu del Coll, it offers apartments with panoramic views of Barcelona while in the lower street there are row houses.
The plastic solution of the architectural concrete panels adjusts to the different orientation conditions and urban environment of the facades.

We get a AA energy certification for Houses in Benet Cortada

August 2019

The careful design of the interior distribution of homes in this block ensures its sustainable passive behavior. The relationship between the different blocs of the housing project and the careful study of all the construction details give this housing complex a great environmental quality.

A new communication route for the new headquarters of MUPAC

July 2019

Our proposal for the new Museum of Prehistory and Archeology of Cantabria, integrates functionality, representativeness and architectural quality. It organizes the Museum and the Administration Office’s around a large public space which at the same time creates a new communication route.

Pere Calders healthy and sustainable housing

April 2019

The design of the 64 unit residential complex achieves a AA energy certification and provides units with flexible distributions. A good solar orientation for all homes, large terraces and landscaped community spaces guarantee a healthy environment.

We present the extension of the National Archive of Catalunya

October 2018

Our proposal is the best valued amongst the 4 finalists of phase 1 of the design competition. The new workspaces are organized around a large patio. The design proposal establishes a good functional an aesthetic relationship with the existing building by continuing the original circulation axes and ordering the new building volumes under a landscaped layer which preserves the character of the original building.

Proposal for a residence

July 2018

The new municipal residential complex for seniors and neighborhood cultural facility is positioned around an Agora, in the center of the plot, a large free space that organizes the activities and access to different equipment, expanding the urban space of the interior. The roofs, landscaped and with urban garden, complete the spaces for outdoor use of the building.

Work on the Can Bellet housing complex comes to a finish

June 2018

The 64 housing units of this housing complex have extraordinary views thanks to a detailed study that made it possible to reorder the urban volumes. The ground floor roof houses a communal terrace with a swimming pool that also partakes of the great views of the site.

We won the competition for the 113-unit housing complex in the Forneri block of Cambrils

December 2017

The proposal organizes through a linear block and a curved block the first of the two sites that make up the Forneri urban unit. In line with the urban grid of Cambrils, the two buildings surround a community garden and swimming pool which open to the sea.

We present the project for the new Caixa Forum in Valencia

November 2017

The architectural volumes that we propose converts the interior of the Agora building into a large access lobby from which to access all areas of the Caixa Forum and at the same time offers a series of unique spaces in which to arrange and perform the cultural activities in tune with the cultural activities of our time.

The unique volumes of the housing complex in Sant Joan Despi, a milestone in the metropolitan area of Barcelona

May 2017

The unique height of the built volumes on the site and its proximity to the Barça Sports City give a high visibility to this residential complex within the metropolitan area of Barcelona. The housing units are organized in volumes of different heights, forming a crown around the common spaces, in continuation of the new urban park.

Work on the Can Bellet housing complex has begun

December 2016

A detailed study of urban surroundings has made it possible to reorganize de built volumes of the housing complex allowing them to enjoy the great panoramic views from the site. The 4 housing blocks define a central communal space with pool and garden on the roof of the ground floor comercial spaces.

We won the competition for the Rubens housing complex in Barcelona

May 2016

Our proposal is composed of a multifamily block at the top of the site which allows the dwellings to enjoy a panoramic view of Barcelona. On the bottom side of the site lay the single-family housing units which share the pool and parking with the rest of the complex.

Rehabilitation of the modernist Hospital de Sant Pau complex achieves LEED Neighborhood Certification

July 2015

The rehabilitation of the modernist complex of the Hospital de Sant Pau culminated with its Neighborhood LEED certification which recognizes sustainable buildings. The Certification covers aspects as diverse as the use of water, energy efficiency of the building, health and environmental quality and aspects of sustainability in the construction process and reuse of materials.

“Obra Sant Josep” Award to the Regional Archive of Terrassa

March 2015

Our Regional Archive of Terrassa has been awarded the “Obra Sant Josep” that the Guild of Woodworkers annually grants to a public building which uses wood as a finish material and a construction system. The Regional Archive is a unique building with a wide natural luminous interior that highlights the wooden elements that form the floors, the structure and ceiling finishes.

We finished the restoration of the historic Hospital de Sant Pau

February 2014

The Rehabilitation we have carried out in the Central Pavilion of this modernist complex, declared a historical heritage site of humanity and a paradigm of hospital architecture from the early 20th century, has returned this singular modernist building to its original state.

Inauguration of the Regional Archive of Terrassa

April 2013

The rehabilitation of this industrial building, used as local funeral home, serves as a guide to excellence in the transformation of the city district. The new Regional Archive of the Vallés Occidental opens its doors in the coming months.

Inauguration of the Regional Archive of Olot

March 2012

We designed the sinuous forms of this building to connect two levels of the city, generating new plazas and distinct viewpoints from the exceptional and central location of the site in the center of Olot. The Regional Archive houses 10,000 linear meters of documents, it includes a specialized library in local history, consulting rooms, administration, and a multi-purpose hall for events and temporary exhibitions.

Inauguration of the multipurpose hall “El Torin” Olot

November 2010

The new municipal multi-purpose hall is ready to host events of diverse formats. The electro and acoustic equipment are combined into a neutral and warm interior, making this hall a reference within the city.

The Catalan Institute of Paleontology reopens its doors

September 2010

The integral rehabilitation of the interior of this Grade II listed building has made it possible to reorganize the workspaces, the exhibitions and collection stores in a project in which one of the main priorities was the use of sustainable building solutions and the respect of the pre-existing volume.