Textile Factory – Seva, Barcelona

The landscape surrounding this site is typical of the Vic plain, with broad swathes of non-irrigated cropland encompassed by grey limestone hills and small woods, usually made up of holm-oak and pine. Our plot lies in the shelter of one of these hills and overlooks the Balenyà station silos and the existing food industry installations, with the Montseny massif in the background.

The building being planned is conceived as a group of simple geometric shapes which, encased in a single skin, are covered with a succession of alternating undulating roofs. The visual impact caused by the insertion of these large buildings into the landscape is thus reduced to a minimum by a single roof. The undulation establishes a dialogue with the gently rolling landscape that surrounds the factory.

The loom shed is situated in the middle of the factory and is served on one side by the body of offices and the warehouses, which make up the façade facing the street and enjoy the best orientation and views. The loom shed, offices, staff utility rooms and warehouses converge at the end of the central loom distribution passage. All vertical communications are situated at this point: transport of pieces to the revision tables, the lift and the top of the sectorized staircase to the basement warehouse and the stairs that lead to the planning and production offices.

The service sheds are situated in the northern part of the loom shed. The control centres of the installations and other independent offices must be accessible for maintenance; thus at the level of interior urban design of the site a circular path will be included to reach these sheds (installation modules).