Building consisting of flats, offices and commercial premises. Avinguda Diagonal. Barcelona

Best Architectonic Concept Award · La Gaceta de los Negocios 2007

The building started out as an office block, but the programme changed during construction to convert it into a mixed-purpose property development containing homes, offices and commercial premises in which the development company responsible for this block, Hercesa, has installed its Barcelona offices. The building inherited the volumetric configuration from the previous situation.

The site is located on Avinguda Diagonal between Plaça de les Glòries and the sea, at the point where that great avenue meets Carrer Castilla, at the meeting point between the Barcelona districts of Poble Nou and Eixample. The Agbar Tower, a new reference point in the city, also stands along this part of the historic city thoroughfare. Nonetheless, the blandness and timidity of many buildings that define the urban landscape in this area have not yet managed to confer on Avinguda Diagonal the splendour it possesses in its central section.

The idea behind the project was to design a building whose front should form a unitary whole, the exterior not revealing its different uses. In this way it would generate a larger scale, suited to the location of this development.

The fronts are designed to form a kind of altarpiece from which users can look outwards or enjoy a space halfway between the exterior and the interior with a filter to protect them from the sun and noise, formed by a folding trellis of perforated metal sheet.

The lower part of the building is made independent from this composition by an awning installed lengthwise along the building. This awning is transparent so as to relate with the street and generate urban life along this part of Avinguda Diagonal.