Building of flats in Barberà del Vallès

The city and its neighbourhoods are formally structured by the community area. The planned building occupies an outstanding site within the structure of public spaces in Barberà del Vallès, as it formally closes the new park at the south corner of this Development Area.

Formally speaking, the building comprises two volumes: an opaque prism on the ground floor is enveloped by a clear, L-shaped, nine-storey volume which springs over it with the visual effect that the public space flows below the building at park level. The upper volume is defined by the framework provided by the roof and walls, whilst in the interior a varied interplay of clear and dark, empty and full, organises the different fronts.

The ground floor houses commercial premises, the ramp leading down to the three basement floors and the lobbies providing entrance to the flats. The building interior is organised around four staircases with three lobbies giving entrance to 4-, 3-, 2- and 1-bedroom flats, all of which have windows facing two directions and enjoy direct sunlight. They are equipped with solar hot water and greywater reuse systems, whilst the fronts are fitted with daylight control systems.