Cambrils housing complex


The first decision of the project has been to open the block towards these views and the sun, building the perimeter of the plot without occupying it completely and leaving a large open and landscaped community space in the interior. With this strategy the two blocks that make up the housing complex gain diagonal open views to the horizon and all the units enjoy two orientations with the living rooms facing south.


Given the direct relationship that the plot has with the surrounding streets, we propose to lift the entire development approximately 1 meter from the street level, working within the maximum regulatory height. The project ensures the maximum level of privacy to the units on the ground floor and at the same time minimize the volume of excavation for the construction of the underground parking, achieving savings in the costs of the foundations and improving the position of the buildings with respect to the possible groundwater level of the site which is close to the coast. It also allows permits the use of natural ventilation for the parking minimizing the need for an air renewal system.

We propose to use the large central free space as a pedestrian access atrium to all the vestibules and nuclei of the housing complex. In this way we optimize the residential built area and provide private gardens for the ground units. The access route to each vestibule in very pleasant as it meanders through the interior garden.


The layout and shape of the buildings take advantage of the acute triangular shape of the site to organize the different housing typologies requested, grouping them as efficiently as possible. While most of the housing units are grouped in pairs to provide them with a double orientation, whenever possible, some units are grouped in three homes per landing to optimize the common spaces, ensuring that in all cases the units have a double orientation that allows cross ventilation.


Although the typological mix of the housing complex ranges from 1 bedroom units to 4 bedroom units, the design proposal is based on the same distributive scheme and the same constituent elements of each residential unit, so that economies of scale are generated and a the character of the housing complex is reinforced.

We propose an interior distribution of the dwellings based on a clear separation between the day and night zones. The day zone opens to the best southern orientation, while the night zone is situated facing east, orientated to the morning sun. All the bedrooms of the promotion are double.