Hotel on the beach Paraïs de Villajoyosa. Alicante

This hotel presides over the beach of Paraïs, endowed with abundant sand in front of a clean sea, with emerald backgrounds and long views, confined between two rocky hills that delimit it. It also has abundant and varied vegetation on its seafront side consisting of olive, palm and pine trees of different types, false peppers, hibiscus, orange trees … that highlight the natural environment of the beach and characterize the landscape value of the place.

The hotel occupies the situation of an existing holiday residence with its terraces and surface car parks. In addition to respecting the trees on the beach front, the situation allows the building, from its high position on the site, to enjoy wide views of the sea and conserve the existing vegetation as a transition area between public spaces (beach and promenade) and the private outdoor spaces for the use of the hotel (gardens, swimming pool, terraces …), attenuating its presence as seen from the beach and enjoying greater intimacy.

The building of the hotel is configured as a base of elongated proportions, principal support of the complex, on which rise two small towers that stand as milestones of the presence of the hotel in the landscape of the beach: framed by the rocky hills that limit it, the reading of the complex from the sea will follow the sequence “hill-vegetation-hill” marked by the two towers after the vegetation of the first line. The different height of each tower and their slightly different orientation adds rhythm to the complex. They house most of the hotel’s guests room program, while always enjoying splendid views of the sea.

The base of the building is divided, in turn, into two sinuous volumes capable of sheltering the entrances on the ground floor and causing the expansion and opening of the building towards the gardens and the beach. The plasticity of its shape allows a friendly perception of the hotel from its surrounding spaces (the road, the gardens and terraces, …). the common spaces of a luxury hotel are distributed in a fluid way in these volumes: lobbies, shops, lobby-breakfast, reception, saloons, …

The main access to the hotel is a winding path surrounded by gardens which begins on the side street which is further away, thus providing a slow and introductory arrival. From the ground floor lobby there are open views over the gardens and the sea through double height spaces on the ground floor of the pool, located at a lower level and level with the existing gardens, where part of the restaurant program is housed, cafeteria -lunch, buffet, conference rooms … The natural unevenness of the site allows, at this level, the services of the hotel to be arranged in the back part of the basement (warehouses, kitchen, parking …). An independent service access is planned from the street opposite the main entrance and hidden from the rest of the premises.

The exterior spaces of the hotel are accommodated respecting to the maximum the vegetation and existing topography, opening their views to the beach and the sea. Three sheets of water that will bring freshness and variety to the environment are distributed: one in front of the entrance hall, one in front of the atrium restaurant and one last as an extension to the outside of the small winter pool in the wellness area. Except for the sports zone, located near the access to the hotel, bordering the road and replacing the disused service buildings that currently exist, the rest of the site is landscaped.

The tourist residential area is developed in the southwest corner, at a lower level, close to the promenade and it uses the landscaping as a buffer between the build volume and the natural environment. The residential agglomeration is composed of four separate housing groups and organically arranged on the site, to facilitate their integration into the natural environment. A community landscaped space relates the guest rooms with its immediate surroundings.