Hotel Palais Tazi, Tangier, Morocco

This is a luxury hotel housed in the former Palais Tazi in Tangiers (Morocco). The palace occupies a 30,000-square-metre estate where gardens were planted in the 1930s. Construction of the palace itself, which was never finally completed, also began in 1930.

The hotel is housed in the old palace, which is being restored, as well as a new building which is designed as a socle to the historic complex. In fact there is no new building, since the construction forms part of the garden, occupying the lower terraces created due to the uneven nature of the terrain. As a result, all the rooms enjoy the finest views and have windows facing the surrounding landscape and gardens, providing a first-hand vision of the extraordinary environment in which the Palais Tazi stands.

Various minisuites look directly onto the grounds, each with its own private garden, whilst the villas, which function as independent buildings within the overall complex, stand slightly apart.

The services are housed in the north wing of the building, and have their own separate entrance. External facilities are located at the bottom of the garden. These include a swimming pool, health centre, convention areas, putting course, etc.