Housing Development, Can Mates, Sant Cugat

Sant Cugat Home owners Association Award 2009 · Honorable mention to the residential complexes Illa A3 Can Mates i R2 La Guinardera

Can Mates is a rectangular housing development located in a superb setting, with one side facing the sun and a large park and the other enjoying magnificent views over the Vallés region and Mount Montserrat.

The development is formed by six residential blocks arranged as harmoniously as possible to integrate into the landscape, orientation and views. There are four linear blocks along the north and west sides, with two smaller blocks on the south side. The aim is to recreate the feel of a small town, with the entire development looking over the park. The site contains large open spaces to generate visual permeability between the blocks and from the street towards the gardens in the interior.

The spaces free from building are planned as private gardens around the homes on the ground floor (providing them with intimacy from the street and entrances), with a community garden in the interior of the development.The largest area of the community gardens contains a swimming pool, whilst sunshine enters without obstruction from the south.