Housing Development in La Guinardera, Sant Cugat

Sant Cugat Home owners Association Award 2009 · Honorable mention to the residential complexes Illa A3 Can Mates i R2 La Guinardera

La Guinardera is a new residential development in Sant Cugat del Vallès.

The project comprises 84 flats distributed in 3 buildings: two linear blocks aligned with the pedestrian street where the commercial premises are installed, and a third designed as an isolated urban villa in the middle of the lot.

Each of the two linear blocks is organised around three symmetrically arranged staircases. The central staircase serves two homes per landing, those at either end three per landing. In this way, each four-storey block contains a total of 32 homes. The building comprises a socle on which the ground floor rests and the four storeys above that house the apartments.

The “villa” type block has a square-shaped ground plan and is organised around a central lobby, five storeys high, in the middle of which is a staircase characterised by an unusual design. Each floor houses four 3- and 4-bedroom apartments. The communal garden contains a swimming pool for use by residents in all the blocks.

All the apartments have windows facing two directions, separate night and day areas, external terrace, direct sunlight and façades with daylight control systems.