Housing in Castellar del Vallés

The development comprises three housing blocks with a total of 450 homes and is situated on the site of the old Tolrà factory in Castellar del Vallés. Part of the old factory has been converted into the local trade fair venue, whilst part of the grounds has now been turned into an urban park.

The blocks are each structured by three separate volumes: a U-shaped building, a linear building occupying the lower side of each block and a low-rise tower block.

This composition serves to integrate the old town with the fledgling modern district of Castellar de Vallés, visually connecting the streets with the gardens in the interior of the housing blocks.

Homes are added in such a way as to ensure them the best possible views over La Mola de Sant Llorenç Natural Park.

The homes are all built with cross ventilation and lighting. Those on the ground floor have private gardens, located inside the blocks on the edge of the community area, whilst the top-floor homes are duplexes.