La Colonia Vidal in Puig Reig

The Vidal industrial estate, located in the town of Puigreig, is one of several factory complexes established along the River Llobregat, taking advantage of the hydraulic power to make the factories run. Today, the residential and production facilities have become greatly deteriorated, and only minimal use continues.

The Masterplan is a conceptual instrument that defines the main guidelines for rehabilitating the estate.

The first stage in the masterplan stresses the value of the landscape in and around the estate and the need to conserve the geographic unity of the site, identifying the heritage that should be conserved and improved, studying how the system of water courses, the riverbed and market gardens can be regenerated, and proposing the rehabilitation of the industrial and residential facilities.

The General Plan for the town of Puigreig provides for residential growth on the Vidal estate site. The masterplan also aims to integrate new development into the overall structure of the estate to enable it to function as an independent urban community.

Pedestrians will be the priority concern in this urban development, to which end large underground garages will be built and traffic highly restricted.

The elevated position of the residential structure enables viewpoints to be provided, visually connecting with the river and the river park.

The rehabilitation of this heritage is linked not only to residential use, but also to the conversion of the Vidal estate into a museum, with all the appropriate facilities, as well as social, sporting and religious facilities and small-scale hotel and commercial premises.

The residential structure, formed by two developments separated by a mountain stream running through a depression, is linked by a pedestrian bridge that also joins two main centres of activity: the historic square, and a new square on the other side of the stream bed.