Palau de la Generalitat

The Palau de la Generalitat is situated in the centre of old Barcelona. It has been shaped over the course of five hundred years, which has left the traces of different architects from a variety of periods.

Inside the Palau de la Generalitat, the seat of the Catalonian Government, political and administrative activities coexist alongside those of a more symbolic nature.

The restoration is being carried out in order to recover the heritage that is the Palau, which was threatened by the wear of time and from partial and degrading interventions, while also enabling a more rational use of the building by bringing together the political, administrative and symbolic frameworks.

The Tarongers and Gòtic patios and outside façades have all been restored. Spaces left unused in the past have been recovered, such as the Renaissance galleries of the Tarongers patio. A remodelling of hollows and protrusions has been carried out on the main façade’s exterior, together with the cleaning and treatment of the stone by experts from the MNAC. Structural and constructional pathologies have been resolved. The exterior doors have also been designed, as has the lighting of the patios.