Pavilion Ca'n Rius Caldes de Montbuí

The building of the old pavilion of Can Rius in Caldes de Montbuí is a piece of relevant architectural value that forms part of the historical landscape and of the city façade to the river. Centrally situated and acting as an urban link between the old city center and the gardens on the other side of the river makes it an urban piece of great value that should regain importance again.

The rehabilitation carried out in this pavilion is based on the improvement and updating of the conditions of structural stability, waterproofing the building envelope and the interior habitability conditions, introducing the necessary changes to adapt it, as far as possible, to the requirements of the current building and accessibility regulations, maintaining its typological and morphological characteristics. In this context, the functional program is adapted to permit different uses in the building, providing it with support spaces, elevators and services without altering its volume, facades, bearing structure, architectural elements and of the original pavilion.