Restaurant in Montjuïc, Barcelona

The “Villa Montjuïc” was a two-storey pavilion with a pitched room, standing on the north side of Mount Montjuïc, where the steep site made it necessary to build containing walls and terraces in order to complete construction.

After studies were completed of the spaces needed, access, circulation and integration into the environment, the old pavilion has now been rehabilitated and converted into a restaurant, the Restaurante Montjuïc. A large terrace has been built outside, commanding superb views over Barcelona, an open-air space where meals and drinks can be served in the summer.

Below the terrace is a large dining room, illuminated by a 16-metre long picture window offering spectacular views. A revolving platform, which turns at an imperceptible speed, enables all diners to enjoy views over the city from close up during the course of their meal.

All service areas are housed in the lower floor of the old pavilion.