Social Security Offices in Olot

The city of Olot is located within the Natural Park of the volcanic area of La Garrotxa. The presence of volcanoes, as well as large wooded areas or basaltic landscapes such as the Castellfollit formations, have characterized its urban landscape over time. In this special natural environment, we can perceive the strong heritage and cultural dynamism of the city: along with many buildings of great architectural interest, we find various cultural institutions that have shaped a singular city with quality buildings in each artistic period.

The new office building will form part of the city façade in the main access to the city from the volcanic zone and from the city façade to the Fluvià river that crosses it. The proposed volume consolidates and preserves the building morphology aligned to the road of c. Fontanella, opening its facades to the main street (c. Vayreda) and the path which accompanies the river.